Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks...

WOW! STYLISH BLOGGER, AM I!  Speechless, instead will quote what Christian Bale said after receiving the Oscar, 
"What a room full of talented and inspirational people, and what the hell am I doing here, in the midst of you? Such an honor" (No need to guess How Happy I am! Obviously the room for me is this blogging world amongst you all :)

Thanks to one & only The Silhouette   for this award. Eon Heath as he loves to call himself (His precious gift) His name might be strange sounding, but he truly can embed his emotions through his writings elegantly. His words have the strength and are soothing too.

I love to pass this award to all you awesome people who have always been with me, THANKS A TON!
(Not in any specific order)


!!! Flavors !!!


About Nothing

Abstract Thoughts !

Aesthetic Blasphemy


Dil ki Baat, Blog ke saath

Down the lane...



Heart Speak

...in love with me and life

...Its my life

It's not just on paper

My Friendship

My Weirdest Dreams

Philosophic Psychedelia

Pratibha The Talent

Reigning Wanderer

Stumbled Over Ubiquitous Life


Words do matter.

Finally, the most difficult, Seven things about myself (as a part of after receiving  the award), for which I have been delaying this post ;)

1. SIMPLICITY! I truly believe in "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." Albert Einstein

Life is about living every moment (Though one of my favorite hobby is sleeping ) 

2.MUSIC, My Strength and weakness too, I can never live without it. My day begin and end with listening music. My Mom used to panic after looking at her daughter who listens music even during her med exams. (Don't You freak out, I never wrote any song in my answer paper :p 

3.I always ask Questions, if I don't understand any thing (Now you know why I sometimes leave a question in my comments sometimes) even if it may sound stupid :P

I never regret after asking something, but just once, yes once,have the regret, Why the Hell I left such stupidest reply! Should have read it again and then commented. More over my guilt feeling, It must have hurt the blogger, and I am really SORRY for it! (It still haunts me)


Don't be surprised to see the empty spaces, I have no idea what to write more. My life is all about being simple, learning, listening music, bugging people with my questions ;)

I am going to make this simple for me. Its been quite a while now, most of you know me. 
Write something about me (make me smile with those compliments ;) and criticism is always welcome, Its in a way learning too!

(The link to your blog opens to the writings which are my favorite, till now.I am sure there would be many more to come. APPLAUD TO ALL)

P.S. The title is a quote by William Shakespeare (My brain doesn't function with such innovation :P


  1. Congrats for a Stylish Blogger and it is ! :). Hmm many things in you and me are simillar :)
    Double ton thanks :p
    hehe ..for this award :)

    Love &Care
    Keep Blogging :D

  2. Congratulations for the award,you deserve it.
    I am honored:)
    Thank You..

  3. Thanks a lot dear for considering me. And I loved the write up too. Very innovative and fresh. God bless you. Just be the morning in the lives you are lighting up now, forever, like the beautiful rays that please their eyes when they try look beyond horizon :) :)

  4. Poonam,

    Congratulations for the award. Thank you for passing it on too.

    Ok, now i can comment about what yo have written:

    Firstly, Bale's speech doesnt hold good here because YOU TRULY ARE A TALENTED AND INSPIRATIONAL GIRL and so you DESRVE the award.

    Secondly, I totally agree with you that life is worth living every moment.

    Further, Do not worry about having left negative remark for the bogger. Negative criticism is as necessary as positive criticicm to bring out the better. I am sure the blogger will take it like that.

    ok, now I will try and fill 4, 5, 6 and 7 for you:

    4)People like your blog
    5)Clearly you are talented
    6) You have always been growing better as a poet with each new poem that you have published.
    7) You are humble and sweet too.

    Take Care. best Wishes
    Always Happy

  5. Hey, Hi
    well, like i said before, you deserve it...

    The Silhouette...

    p.s.- That thing abt me was like... (O_0?
    am not as good as you describe... but thanks anyways... hehehe..

  6. Congrats...well deserved. From your blog you emerge as a sensitive and genuine person. God knows we need more docs like you. Good luck.

    Thanks for the mention.

  7. your writings dwell from the feelings of heart and intrigues the reader... 'Please let him stay', 'emancipation' are the few of the gems from your writings..
    and yes as the quote quotes "I want to go on living even after my death! And therefore I am grateful to God for giving me this gift, this possibility of developing myself and of writing, of expressing all that is in me."-- you are doing well. All the best.

    And lastly thanks... for you gave my request a way.

  8. since i m getting this award for the second time i m pakka pakka a 'stylish blogger'..feels so good..specially wen its coming from u. thnk u :)
    told u..u r an extremeeelllyyy sweet and simple person and that makes me respect u more!
    keep smiling and continue to churn out those lovely posts..good luck :D

  9. Hey thanks soo much for the award... it feels great to have become a blogger just recently and have readers liking my posts already!
    you are very motivating and honestly, this award will help me write better. i really appreciate it! :D
    Also, Congratulations for the award you're entitled to! Stylish Writer is quite a prestigious label to have! :)
    Thanks and see you soon.... :)

  10. Poonam thanks for this honor like you have yourself agreed to it as so :)

    For you i would like to say that..you bring out the world best in the complexities you weave in your pieces.And you as a person can be so easily found with your blog.Your blog speaks for you and you for it hehehe..Nice,with a kind heart and a desiring soul that you posses ,You are CARDIGRAZIOSO :)(And into mysteries :D )

    I never knew you liked that post of mine..Thanks a lot for linking it :)))

  11. Do come


  12. Congrats Poonam for receiving the award, though i suppose you received it long back. Thanks a ton for honoring my blog with the same. This means a lot to me. in school days, college, professional life etc...got some prizes or appreciations etc... but i never rally loved it anyway, but writing i truly love & blogging journey has been wonderful owing to the appreciations & comments or feedback from fellow bloggers like you...probably this defines myself crossing of first level.

  13. hey nice knowing more about you in this post, interesting personality, I follow about 25 plus blogs, but no time in busy professional & personal life & astronomy life in my case, but i always stopped by to read Samadrita's your's & Girish sahane's blog when ever i get time. you know you will always find time to do the things you love the most. true isn't it ?

  14. Congo Poonam you truly deserve it :)
    And as it is said, "Simple living high thinking! " goes for you gal !!!

    Keep Writing!

    Take Care.

    P.S: Is the Abstract Thoughts ! me ?? coz the former blog Almost Nothing opens when you click it... even if ain't me no worries, just asking :)

  15. @Simran...Yes girl! You too take care and Keep Blogging :)

    @Neeha...Pleasure :)

    @RM...Thank you so much!!! Lots of love to you too...What you have said is always gonna be close to me :)

    @Always Happy...WOW!!! Thanks a lot for those kind wors and the assurance too :) BE HAPPY!

  16. @Eon..Thanks a lot once again! :)

    Hehehe...you don't need to think so much and scratch your head for that about me thing :P

    DON'T YOU DARE CRITICIZE YOURSELF...and am not kidding...leave it to me...I can be a good critic ;) Want to know, there's a typo in the title of your latest post!

    Eon,you write for your special memories...continue it...and above all just be you and write what you feel & not what someone else wants you to!

    Take Care :)

  17. @Poonam
    well, thanks for pointing that typo!! i never noticed it!! (i know if i did, i would have corrected it, dumb me!!)
    hmmm, exactly and precisely your point. i aint a writer or poet..thats what am saying. see, what i write is purely emotions,which i can only express... while there are people around in blogger and so many such beautful forums who actually write. as in, they can really write on anything...what people call versatility is just the abiltiy of a writer to weave words on a subject of their choice. i.e. the readers choice.
    ok, now enough of my philosophy, and thanks for those words...means a lot. literally. :)

    The Silhouette...

  18. @Alka...Aww!!!Thank you so much :)
    And its my pleasure, you are one stylish blogger!

    @Beyond...I do remember you had once referred my "Please let him stay" writeup on your blog for a while, and I was so honored by that gesture...Thanks a ton!

    And No need to say Thanks...I had to give it a way, and am so glad for it, coz initially I wanted to walk along that way!

    @Sarah...YES you are a pakka pakka Stylish Blogger!
    You are so sweet and Kind hearted to say that, Thank you so much :)
    Keep Smiling :)

  19. @Fazilat...You deserve it! See you soon :)

    @Anshul...And that is the shortest reply from you ever ;)

    @Alcina...Yes my blog speaks for me in a way ;)
    and so nice of you to say that, yes a bit of mystery to it too :)

  20. @Eon...See told you and never criticize yourself now on, Remember I would come in the way :p

    No,blogging is not about writing what readers want! Its your own special place, It your Expression Zone! (Not a philosophy ;)

    Be yourself!

  21. @To You BalderNus...Sure will :)

    @Sunil...am glad to pass it to you, and Yes we take out time for what we like :)

    @Fatima...Yes its you, sorry for the mistake, have corrected it!
    Thanks for the lovely words :)

    @magiceye...Thanks a lot :)

  22. Awww...hopped in here now...sorry for being late...Congrats and thanks a ton Poo!This is going straight to my Prided Plumes gallery:)

  23. @R...No prob dear! You deserve it :)

    @Sayak...Thanks! :)

  24. oi this is amazing..u get an award n u thnk ur readers n fellow bloggers, u do hv a gracious heart.
    Congratulations!! and yea, thnk u, m glad 2 hv my blog in that lovely list.
    Congrats again :)
    (P.S. sorry had college exams, n then the college fest right after that, so was terribly busy n tired, hence, did not get time to read or write anything.)