Friday, January 27, 2017

Has a book ever changed your life? If so, which one and why?

There are many life changing books I have read. Speaking about the one book, it will always be, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J K Rowling. I know, it may sound a bit naive but this is the book which struck the chord of passion for reading inside me.

I had always been studious (or made to be one) during high school. It was the long vacation after tenth grade I actually registered for a library subscription. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone- I had watched the movie before reading the book. It was fascinating but not as much as the book.

I still remember the day when my eyes first caught the attention of the second book in Harry Potter series. It was lying on the lowest shelf in the library stack. When I started reading, it was bit hazy as I wasn’t familiar with all the characters. What gripped me was the introduction of Dobby in Harry’s room. I couldn’t take my eyes away from reading- ‘the blue eyes’of Dobby was elaborated so explicitly. I had completely fallen in love with the J K Rowlings writing.

How did it a fictional book change my life? 

Fiction is nothing but a glimpse of non-fiction. I love the friendships, the Weasleys, Dumbledore, Snape and many others. I love them all. Dobby will always be remembered (even my mum knows who he is). I with my mum and sibling had watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets innumerable times.


I want to re-read the series but looking at the 100 books on my reading list I can’t dare to! I hope someday I read Harry Potter books (a happy memory of my childhood) to my kid. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Story of my life in five sentences

Write your life story in five sentences.

  1.  Life kicked my butt hard enough to fall flat on my face (count that-many times).
  2. I pulled myself up every time (Blaming God, why me?) but never cursing life and still believing- Life is Beautiful.
  3. I accepted others decisions for me (which they thought were good) just to keep them happy please and I was in soup.
  4. I believe in ‘karma’ which hasn’t restricted me from being cunning and selfish.

story of my life

5.  I have become courageous (not so much to stand before a lion-Mind it!) so much so that I can be upfront.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Her wait is over

She knew there was someone outside the door,
Her hand was on the door knob,
Something stopped her from opening it.
She closed her eyes,
rested both her hands on the door,
There was complete silence on the other side,
Still she sensed someone's presence,
She couldn't hear anything,
Except her own heart beats.
She was waiting for the knock,
Why is she waiting?
She was sure someone's out there,
Ever felt that feeling?
She couldn't wait anymore,
She snapped open her eyes,
Turned around the door knob,
Looked straight into it's eyes, and said
"Hey there, Opportunity!
Why didn't you knock?"
With it's classic wicked grin said,
"Sometimes you need to find me,
and pull me inside"

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Are you listening?

WOW! It feels so good to be alone. Alone but not lonely. Solitude is bliss. I am not talking to you, the one reading this. I am talking to myself. I am blabbering inside my head. I just want to get it out from inside, this burden on my chest so that I could give a sigh of relief. I have been talking with self a lot. I always have though. Does everyone do the same? I cannot stop thinking. My thoughts are all around inside me but not coming out. It's past 11 and I should probably be sleeping but I don't want even though my eyes are heavy.

I have lost many things in past few years. My muse. My writing. My reading. My calm. My inner peace. Well I look like whole world's peace is inside me but dissect me I am not less than a turmoil.

I cannot shout in anger. If I do that's not me. I like to be silent. Very few know this about me. I am blessed to have those and those are not blood relations or the ones tied knot to. Some relationship do not require label to define. At least for me.

Speaking of that my reading is going quite well this year. It was so difficult to even read a chapter with all the distractions. I have left so many books unread in between. The books I picked this year, am glad I read them.

My thoughts and decisions are struggling between emotions and intellect. I am going to let intellect win this time. Cause emotions have broken me down to pieces, the pieces I couldn't find even in light. The pieces which were crushed to never be found again.

I have let time slipped from me. Many a times, Time mocking me. Teasing me. I still do not have hold on it, but I am walking or rather living hand in hand with Time.

Why is it so difficult, it feels lame even to talk about it. The greys in my hair speaks of my fight and struggle, the eyes screams of suffering only to those who can hear them, my hands speaks of the hard work which have gone in vain and my feet speaks about the path taken wrong.

Some people get abusive when in anger wonder how the f word, BC, MC words make them feel better. Sometimes I think why I don't drink. I would have been able to drown in it and not worrying about anything. But then again I don't want to be a raging alcoholic.

It's so easy to pen down while listening music. Every beat releases the words and here comes the peace.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Birthday My Friend

Many many happy returns of the day my crazy, stupid, dumb, weird friend.

I would not say 'May God bless' you due to recent circumstances.

(You may call me narcissist)I say I bless you with all the happiness, wealth and success. Health is in your hands, my blessings won't work in that zone.

You do have love in life from your family, friends including me. Let's not talk about the clichéd 'Love'.

I had fallen in love with your writing and I miss reading something new from you. Your nature of 'giving' reflects in your writings too.

I am happy we met a day before your birthday. And No I may not be able to gift you a mobile or that luxurious car but I give my word I will stand by you in need.

Do not doubt on my given word, I said it truthfully as I allowed you smoking in front of me even though I hate it.

I do not fear on talking about anything in front of you as you don't judge me like others do.

Life is good having a friend like you.

Also do remember, I will never hesitate to slap you  in case if you do something hazardous.

Have a wonderful life and please EAT don't stay bony!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Don't Love Me 2.0

She found herself smiling in the mirror after so so long. It wasn't because of him. He snatched away her smile, her happiness and most strangely her inner peace.

The blood curdling anger creeped in her veins leaving her scarred. Scars which no one could see. How come no one noticed that she isn't happy?

But surprisingly the reason behind this smile was someone else. She did not question herself "Is this feeling wrong?" No! Because she had risen above all the societal norms.
She didn't crave for love anymore. She need not. The smile wasn't love but simply a gesture of kindness and understanding from someone.

Her message for him- "Don't Love me. Don't Love me anymore."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life is not easy, because it was never meant to be easy!

I am staring at a blank page. To write, or not to! 

I just want to splurge this page with beautiful indigo ink. This alluring ink shall enhance the beauty of a blank page. Yes! A page filled with random words, sentences, phrases, verses, and many more. I love such page, not a blank one. What does a blank page makes you think of? Sadness, calm or serenity? A book has a power to hold on everything in this universe into it. A story, fantasy, fairytale, literature!

Let it be the serene smell of a new book, or old one, it has always fascinated me. How many of us write a journal on a daily basis? Many, not many or most of us? Writing is a vent. It releases those blocked emotions deep inside one’s mind. I had written a phase of my life in a dairy. The ups and downs, the one’s whom I liked or disliked, the secret desire, wishes, ugly truth. I had enclosed all my bitter-sweet memories. To tear it one day! Yes! I did tear each and every page of that journal. Why? I had no answer to the questions it might have raised. (In case if you read it) I am not answerable to anyone for my emotions or reactions.

Can one really become like a protagonist portrayed in a fiction? Can someone be an Ann Veronica? Can someone be a Dominique from The Fountainhead? Beautiful, Charming and most of all Bold/Courageous! Surely there are real life heroes around us. We just haven’t met them.

You cannot judge someone the way they look or by the life they live. You don’t have the right to! Who knows the beautiful kohl eyes must have cried their heart out!

I complain about my life most of the time. Does anyone here do the same? Life’s beauty lies in imperfection. What is the point of living if we have attained perfection? Each day we live, we work; we earn to have a better tomorrow.

Every time I feel distressed, I make myself remind the sayings of Einstein, Shakespeare, Buddha, Sheldon and Dr.Brennan (yes, they are the most rational characters).

Life is not easy, because it was never meant to be easy! But Life can be beautiful. How? I am sure you can answer it.